Tips on Cleaning Plantation Shutters Houston

Navigating the World of Plantation Shutters Houston: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you recently purchased new plantation shutters or moved into a home with them? You may be wondering how to clean them and what type of maintenance they’ll need.

Fortunately, Plantation Shutters Houston doesn’t need a complicated cleaning regimen, and the maintenance should be minimal unless you mistreat them.

What matters most is how often you clean them and how you do it. The last thing you want is to damage your new shutters during the cleaning process, so learn what you need to know with the tips below on cleaning your Plantation Shutters.

Regular Dusting Is Best For Plantation Shutters

The best way to keep your new shutters in great shape is regular dusting. Dust build-up is bad for the mechanical components as well as the wood. Plus, it’s difficult to remove.

How often you need to dust the shutters depends on how dusty your house gets, everyone’s is different. Try once a week and change the schedule as necessary. To dust, just use a soft cloth, feather duster, or static duster, or vacuum them with a soft brush tool.

Cleaning Dust Buildup On Plantation Shutters Houston

Once dust has built up on your shutters, you’ll need to use a little more force to clean it off. Make sure you use something soft like the cloth or vacuum brush tool mentioned above and then try to dust them more often.

Spot Cleaning Your Shutters

If wetting your shutters is necessary for spot cleaning or removing dust buildup, use a clean damp cloth and wipe each louvre carefully. You can use a little dish soap in the water but be sure to follow up with just water to rinse it away. Keep in mind that we just said damp cloth, not wet cloth!

What Not To Do When Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Speaking of wet cleaning shutters, never dunk your beautiful Plantation Shutters Houston in the tub or swimming pool. Cleaning them with a garden hose is also a no-no. These methods will harm the mechanical parts and cause rust. Visit to read about 7 Benefits of Plantation Shutters Houston.

Also, avoid using cleaning chemicals to clean shutters or else the finish can discolour and the wood dries out.

Cleaning Plantation Shutters Houston

Shutter Maintenance

Just like every other object in your house, your shutters are going to need a little maintenance as the years go by. If you, your family, and your guests are careful not to damage them by accident, all you’ll need to do is make some minor mechanical adjustments as they age. However, this all depends on the quality of shutters you own.

You’ll want to keep an eye on the screws and hardware to ensure they stay tight. Adjust the screws as necessary. Broken hardware and damaged slats can be replaced by your local shutter repair company. In Houston, call for window treatment repairs.

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